Spring Cleaning For Your Hair

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Spring has finally sprung! Old Man Winter has retreated and spring is knocking on the door. It’s time to answer! We’re all familiar with spring cleaning. We clean our houses, cars, office spaces, even our wardrobes, but what about our hair? She needs love, too! Here are a few tips to get your hair just as ready for spring as your house is.


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(1) Maintenance and Treatment. This winter was harsh, which could have left your hair dry as well. Wearing all of those thick materials and sweaters also could have frayed your ends if you wore your hair down often. Try a nice scalp and hair cleanse banishing any product buildup. Move on to a nice deep conditioning treatment. And show some love to those ends and get them trimmed if need be. Nip it in the bud before the splits travel further up the hair shaft!


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(2) Clean Your Tools. The tools you use for your hair – combs and brushes, rollers, flat irons, or blow driers – often have product buildup, old hair, or lint in them, too. Ew! With that fresh, revitalized hair you just put love into, you don’t want your tools dirtying her back up. So, clean those tools!


Organization for product junkies.
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(3) Product Junkies Swap Party. Who has a bin (or closet) full of products? Some, you haven’t even opened. Others you’ve completely forgotten about. And then there are some products that just don’t work for you. Call up your curl friends and have a swap party. They probably have the same product overflow happening in their bathrooms, and they just might have the one product you’ve been dying to try. Free up some space, organize your stash, and you’re one step closer to sporting a spring attitude.


Gold comb in curly hair up-do
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(4) Hair Accessories. We all want to start shopping the second the spring clothes hit the racks. What about our hair? We can dress her up, too! Look for a cute headband to sport with your fresh style. Floral, patterns, and lace are in. Fancy hair pins are also a small way to try something new. Go for it!


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(5) Night Cap. When the longer days and better weather rolls around, our routines and habits sometimes fall by the way side. Don’t let your nighttime hair routine be one of those things. It’s important to maintain a proper night routine to keep your styles lasting longer but also to keep the health of your hair going strong. Use your go-to nighttime style (wrap, pineapple, braids, etc.) and moisturize and protect your precious strands from harsh cotton by throwing on a bonnet, a scarf, or get a satin pillow case. (Or do what I do and throw your scarf across the pillow! Shh! Don’t tell!) Know that your man loves you – scarf and all – and get some shut eye!

If you take a few of these tips into consideration, you and your hair will be ready for the beautiful sunshine and great weather in no time! Happy Spring!



with love. big hair. & a big heart.



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