Hello FeBOOTYary!

hello feb

Happy February Nu D’ers! We all know February is well known for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes February is the perfect time of year to remind us to also be good to ourselves.

Because Tia has become inspired by her new healthy lifestyle, she wants to pass the self love on to you! She runs, she sweats, she squats, she curses, and then she runs some more! She’s addicted!

In honor of the month of love & Tia’s love of working out, we are calling February, FeBOOTYary! This month, be your own boo and show your booty some love! If you do 10 squats before you sit in the chair, you will receive 10% off of a relaxer or color service! Just ask for the Fe-Booty-ary special.

Febootyary (1)

In case you’re wondering, doing squats on a regular basis can help you in the following ways:

1) You want a perkier, rounder booty? Squats will do it!

2) You want stronger legs? Squats will do it!

3) You want to increase the flexibility in your lower body joints? Squats can do it!

Come let us make you feel beautiful, come work out that booty, and tell your friends about the special. After all, Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Don’t say we never tried to help ya!  😉

Team NuD


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